CAM Programming

High efficiency with CAM Programming from Sinotec!

✔ most modern machining strategies
✔ all common machine controls
✔ all common machine types
✔ large database of post processors

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We create individual control processes for your CNC machining centres with our CAM technology. With access to a database with a large number of post-processors, we can also control your machines. If the post-processor is not available, we will take care of programming an individual postprocessor for your machine, thus ensuring advantages for a long-term cooperation.

Your advantages with our CAM service:

You do not need to purchase mid-range 5-digit CAM software
You do not need to set up a new workplace.
You do not need to employ a CAM programmer
You only take advantage of our services when you really need them
You can broaden your horizons with additional industries and customers and manufacture complex parts
You not only work according to drawing specifications

The main advantage of CAM-Technology is the ability to generate NC-Programs for complex component geometries that are either extremely time-consuming or even impossible to program manually on the machine. In this context, our engineers always plan the manufacturing processes and machining strategies and optimize them in order to offer you the most efficient and, as a result, most cost-effective production. Translated with (free version)

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We can control the following machine types and strategies for you:

CNC Milling-machines 3-axes
CNC Milling-machines 5-axes
CNC Milling-machines 5-axes simultaneously
CNC lathes universal
CNC turning and milling centres


2.5D Milling
3D Milling HSS
3D Milling HSR/HSM
Simultaneous 5-axis machining
Indexial multi-sided machining


others on request

Please also take a look at our other service portfolio:

CNC-Milling CNC-Lathing 3D-Printing Welding Product development & design FEM-Simulation Drafting Product visualisation
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