CNC Milling

Complex precision milled parts from Sinotec!

     ✔ CNC 3-axis milling
     ✔ CNC 5-axis milling
     ✔ CNC 5-axis milling simultaneous
     ✔ Single part production/prototypes
     ✔ Series production

Our core competence: The production of particularly complex components!

With our CNC milling machines with 3 and 5 axes, we manufacture highly complex components and geometries for you while maintaining the highest quality standards. We produce special designs, prototypes and individual parts as well as series components in small and large quantities.

With the help of our CNC machining centres with up to 5 axes, in combination with the right software and our experience, we can produce the most complex geometries and free-form surfaces through simultaneous machining.

In addition, bores can be produced with the highest precision and effectively combined with countersinking and rubbing. This allows the surface quality of the bores to be further precised. We can produce through, blind, threaded and profile bores in almost any material for you.

With our CAM-Technology we fulfill your milling requirements with the most modern strategies in the most efficient way!

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Our manufacturing spectrum for milling:

We process milled parts with a size of up to 3000 x 1500 mm

Processing techniques

2.5D Milling
3D Milling HSS
3D Milling HSR/HSM
Simultaneous 5-axis machining
Indexial multi-sided machining


any type of steel
high-alloy steels
Non-ferrous metals
Titanium materials
hardened materials
and others on request

Please also take a look at our other service portfolio:

CNC-Lathing 3D-Printing Welding CAM-Programming Product development & design FEM-Simulation Drafting Product visualisation

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