Product development and design

Development and design with subsequent production - all from one source at Sinotec!

     ✔ Optimization of existing constructions
     ✔ Production-oriented design
     ✔ Supporting your development
     ✔ Complete takeover of partial projects
     ✔ According to VDI guidelines
     ✔ Subsequent production Initial samples/series
     ✔ Reverse Engineering

You set the requirements - we give you the solutions!

We are not a typical manufacturing service provider. In addition to our core competence, the manufacturing technology, our further main pillar is the development and construction. This makes us unique.

We support you in the development of your products and construct components, prototypes, devices, assemblies or tools with our know-how in production, taking into account production-related aspects and various guidelines in mechanical engineering. In this way, maximum economic efficiency of your products is achieved.

The further advantage for you is our in-house manufacturing, which will gladly follow on after the development and construction of your product. Who knows more about a product than the person who developed it? Since we are your single-source supplier, you save your valuable time and increase your efficiency as a result.

Exemplary process of development and construction with Sinotec:

Specification sheet

First you send us a specification sheet describing the design task or the current problem. We would also be pleased to support you from the beginning with the first idea.

Precision of tasks

After we receive the design task, which is at the same time a request for quotation, our engineers start with a systematic task specification and prepare an attractive offer as quickly as possible.

Award of contract & specifications

After you have been convinced by our offer, place the order to us. Then the first step begins, which is the creation of a specification sheet. Among other things, the task specification will be completed and specified.

List of requirements

Furthermore, a list of requirements will be drawn up in close cooperation with you, which also serves as a legally binding medium. This can be updated by us as well as by you in the development or construction process. The list of requirements contains, for example, your concrete wishes and requirements for the design.

Concept phase

In the concept phase, our engineers systematically develop initial ideas and concepts to solve the design problem.

Design & development

A selected concept will then be worked out in detail and first drafts will be created. Once a design draft is available, the design will be dimensioned, laid out and optimised using the most up-to-date and advanced computer-aided methods.


For documentation, for example, technical drawings and parts lists will be created. On request, we can create operating instructions for your design, or 3D visualize your product for e.g. marketing purposes.


As a full-service-provider, we can produce illustrative and functional objects using our diverse in-house production facilities. In doing so, we use proven prototyping methods of additive manufacturing, CNC technologies and/or welding technologies. If your product is already ready for series production, we can also take over series production.

Learn more about additive manufacturing and prototyping processes. Learn more about machining technology. Learn more about FEM simulation. Learn more about welding technologies.
We exist to reliably realize your requirements!

We have the possible methods and the know-how, know alternatives and implement everything for you in the desired time.

Please also take a look at our other service portfolio:

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You would like to be advised personally or make an inquiry? Write us with your request and arrange a free initial consultation!

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Precision, Innovation, Perfection!

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