FEM Simulation

Reach the optimum of your components and reduce costs with Sinotec!

✔ Static structural analyses
✔ Transient structural analyses
✔ Modal analyses
✔ Frequency response analyses
✔ FE meshing
✔ Optimization

We are there for you when the requirements become complex!

You have a construction, but do not know exactly whether it will withstand the expected mechanical loads? You do not know exactly which material is best suited for your construction? Do you want to reduce the weight of your construction to a minimum? Or is your calculation department simply working at full capacity and you need a result as quickly as possible? Then you are exactly right with us!

We are happy to support you! The core of our range of services are calculations using the Finite Element Method (FEM). This method is indispensable in today's product development because it saves you development costs and reduces development times.

We carry out the following services for you with the FEM:

     ✔ Static FE-Analyses
     ✔ Dynamic FE-Analyses
     ✔ Optimizations

Static FE-Analyses

We use FEM analysis to calculate the deformations, stresses and strains occurring in your construction. Strength evaluations are then carried out.

Dynamic FE-Analyses

We carry out modal analyses and frequency response analyses on your design and avoid undesired, damaging resonances on your component through stiffness adjustments.


With topology optimization we optimize your existing design or a completely new development. The goal is often to reduce costs, reduce weight or increase load capacity. In addition, we also apply the most comprehensive method of optimization, parameter optimization, in order to always find an optimal optimization approach for your most individual requirements.

We simulate your existing products, or accompany you also during your development and design and support you in doing so! When the time comes to produce an initial sample or a product ready for series production, we are also happy to take over the production in our own company on request!

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